Helpful Plumbing Tips & Hints

Although we are here to help with any plumbing jobs, some issues may be handled on your own. Emerald Bay Plumbing has created these plumbing tips as helpful hints for Do-It-Yourself handymen and women. Of course, you can call us anytime at 850-837-1979 if you prefer us to take care of it! We serve Fort Walton, South Walton, and Destin.


Generally, property owners do not realize there is a problem with their water heaters until there is unusual noise or the water is either not cold enough or too hot. General water heater maintenance can prevent the need for plumbing professionals. Properly maintaining your water heater includes opening the drain bi-annually (every six months) and letting the water run until the flow is clean and clear. This simple step will prevent sediment build-up. Annual water heater maintenance includes testing the temperature-pressure build-up. This simple routine maintenance task can be done by depressing or lifting the handle and draining water from the overflow pipe. If your hot water heater develops a leak, is making unusual sounds, or is not effectively heating your water, be sure to contact Emerald Bay Plumbing.


The are many things that can go wrong with your toilet, and Emerald Bay Plumbing is always here to help. It’s common for a property owner to try and diagnose and treat the issue themselves prior to contacting a professional. If you are a plumbing do-it-yourself-er, the tips below will point you in the right direction.

– Noisy toilets can be caused by a restricted water floor or a defective ball cock assembly. To troubleshoot a noisy toilet, you will want to adjust the shutoff valve, oil the trip lever, or replace the ball cock washers. If this does not remedy the toilet noise, then replacing the entire ball cock assembly may be necessary.

– Another common issue is a running toilet, and several factors may lead to this problem. To diagnose what is causing the toilet to run, consider checking the float arm and water-filled float ball, looking for a corroded flush valve seal or cracked overflow tube and checking to see if the ball cock valve shuts off. Although we are starting to get into more technical plumbing tasks, remedies, including bending the float arm away from the tank wall, replacing the ball or installing a new flush valve assembly, adjusting the stopper guide rod and lift chain, replacing a defective stopper, or installing a new ball cock assembly.

– Clogged toilets are an extremely common plumbing issue. Although we are aiming to provide the most thorough plumbing tips possible, there is no secret remedy for this issue. We suggest attempting to remove the blockage with a plunger, and if you are unsuccessful, it is time to call Emerald Bay Plumbing.

– Leaking Toilets can be a nuisance; these simple plumbing tips and treatments can go a long way. On a bowl-mounted tank, to stop a leaking between the tank and the bowl, tighten the bolts in the tank and or remove and replace their gaskets. On a wall-mounted tank, tighten the couplings on the pipe connecting the bowl and tank, or unscrew the couplings, remove the pipe, and replace the washers. If the toilet bowl is leaking around its base, the bowl must be lifted and resealed along the base. Dealing with leaking toilets can be frustrating, and unless you are very patient and handy, we suggest calling a professional.


Issues with sink drains occur often, and we advise you to contact a Destin Plumber for serious or urgent issues. There are preventive measures that can save you money and add frustration. It is critical to be aware of a sluggish drain as it is easier to open a drain that is slowing as opposed to a drain that is completely clogged. Be sure to follow the steps below to decrease the need for professional plumbing services.

– Pour boiling or scalding water down the drain to dislodge grease build-ups.

– If the clog persists, something may be blocking the drain.

– To further investigate, remove the stainer or plug and clean thoroughly.

– Troubleshooting additional drains in the home; if multiple drains are clogged, there could be an issue with the main drain.

– You may attempt to clear the drain with an over-the-counter treatment or plunger. Be sure never to mix chemical cleaners or use them on disposal.

If none of the plumbing tips above assist with the clogged drain, it’s time to call the professionals. Emerald Bay of Destin is here to help, and we will bring our years of expertise with us!


There are a few easy plumbing tips when dealing with shower head issues. If your shower has slight or erratic pressure, chances are you have a mineral build-up. To correct the shower head problem, unscrew the face plate and soak it in vinegar overnight, then clean thoroughly. If the issue is less severe, you may want to clean the outlet holes in the faceplate with a pin or toothpick. If your shower head does not adjust or pivot smoothly, check the washer for wear and coat the swivel ball with lubricant (petroleum jelly). If your shower head is leaking where it meets the arm, the washer made needs to be replaced.

If you are not finding what you are looking for, call 850-837-1979, or if you have a quick question feel free to ask one of our expert master plumbers.